Hello, World!

I’ve long been in the search for a home. Going with the fads for photo sharing, Studio 719 has gone through Multiply and Facebook. But still, nothing felt quite right. Hopefully, now it will be.

With my own space on the web, it’s like I’ve been granted the freedom to share and interact with you dear follower, using whatever mode I deem most effective. I can now choose and make the tools. Now, I’m also the one to make the rules and set the limits to what I can.  Everything’s my choice now, my responsibility.

Still, I don’t want to take all the power. I want you to be with me in this journey. As you continue to follow the site’s updates in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years, let me know what’s on your mind. Like a photo or an album? Tell me. Disagree with a post? Inform me. I’d like to hear from you even if all you had to say is “hello”.

This is Studio 719 signing in and welcoming you on-board.