Vietnam, Unexpected

The trip to Vietnam was truly unexpected to say the least.

It was a trip I wasn’t planned to be in. Supposedly, it was an outing for Franz, Hosanna, Dionna and Sean after these four hit it off quite well at a baking event. If not for a fateful dinner encounter after a botched movie plan, I wouldn’t have met the full group and Franz wouldn’t have invited me to join their planned trip.

It was a vacation I was reluctant to be part. Amidst their openness, I knew the group has already established its clique and I was the stranger coming in. Add to that my awkwardness as an introvert which never is helpful with new people.

It was a country I didn’t plan to visit. I had no idea about Vietnam. I haven’t even watched Miss Saigon. I was totally clueless about the place and there were other destinations that came ahead on my list.

But it was a trip that I am most happy to have done.

I have marched through the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh and hiked through the sand dunes of Bau Trang. The salt fields of Ruong Muoi broke my heart being out of season but the views of the Ke Ga lighthouse soon made it beat fast. I have woken up to the majestic sunrises of the beach of Mui Ne and slept in comfort in Anantara.

I’ve found new friends who inspire me with their lust for travel, photography and for life in general that it pushes me to want the same.

And I’ve been surprised and wow-ed by the sights of Vietnam. It has taught me never to diss anything just because I didn’t know more. It has also left me excited at what other hidden gems are there for me to discover.

So here’s to more journeys!


Vietnam Saigon City



Vietnam Market

Vietnam - Notre Dame Cathedral